Tips from the Pro

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Turn down your mouse sensitivity!!! Less sensitive = more accurate, you should be able to turn 180 degrees with a sideways move of your mouse. So 2 moves gets you 360 degrees.


  • USE SOUND! You can't play any FPS without sound (unless you're a god). Listen for the enemy, there are lots of loud surfaces to walk on in Line of sight. It is worth investing in a good headset.
  • Crouch walk or silent walk, take your time and get up close before rushing to give the enemy less warning before your attack. Also be aware of how much noise you are making.
  • Jump, crouch, shoot. When running and gunning with most weapons it steadies your aim, makes you more accurate, and makes you harder to hit.
  • Predict your opponents next attack. This forces you to move and makes you harder to predict. Switch from camping, to ambush, to assault, to confusion.
  • Retreat is a good thing. Retreat if your position has been compromised to study your opponents assault on your previous position from a distance. This gives you the chance to regroup, heal and work out how to counter in the future.
  • Deal with the campers!! Complaining about someone camping, is rewarding the camper for their behavior. Work out a strategy and take out the camper, then keep taking them out when they return for bonus kills until they give up.
    • Use a melee weapon for that extra humiliation factor.
  • Neutralise snipers. Everyone likes to complain about how OP snipers are, until you realise there is always a way to get up close and personal with a sniper. If you study each map carefully, you'll know where they might be. Take away their range advantage and they are easily killed over and over.
  • Don't waste nades. Sometimes throwing your grenade too early will get you a kill here and there, but it is better to use your nades to stall enemies to a planted bomb, or to give yourself time to take cover.
  • Don't throw smokes when you have an advantage! It's just giving a chance for the enemy to run away. Also the same when you are with a group of snipers - don't throw a smoke to conceal the enemy.
  • Snipers and shotguns are useless without scoping. It's not CS.
  • Be aware of the minimap. If you just killed someone with your primary weapon expect people to come towards you. In Search and Destroy enemies can report to their teammates your position from the killcam.
  • You are vulnerable when planting/defusing the C4. You can use this to your advantage by quickly tapping the E key. The bomb will make the 'beep' sound, attracting the enemy to push. Then you can take him out.
  • Talk to team mates, especially in Search and Destroy. Don't be a d*ck and bait team mates. Report to them where enemies are. Report how many enemies are. Tell them which direction they are heading towards. TYPE QUICK.
  • SET YOUR COMBAT MASTERY! I have seen too many players with no combat mastery.
    • Necessity in Search and Destroy: Quick Defuse

Annoyances like Flash bangs and flashlights.

Flash bangs have a small radius if you are caught by them crouch and retreat to a corner. You can still shoot when blinded, however, the effects last for about 2.5 seconds (can be altered by Combat Mastery). Flashlights, train yourself to fire above the light for a head shot and throw Grenades at the cone of light that is easily spotted from a distance for easy kills.

Buying & Tuning Weapons

Yes, I know permanent weapons and weapon tuning is expensive. So when you are shopping don't get carried away, spend carefully. The firing range is such a helpful tool because you can test every weapon and whatever extensions you tuned onto it, before buying. Even if you are hiring weapons, make sure you actually like it first, and you are going to use the weapon often.
Get a permanent weapon! You should have one by level 30 minimum (unless its an expensive weapon like the Dragonuv).

Tune your weapon!! Once you have purchased a permanent weapon personalise it to your game play style.

Written by HuntD

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