Ryani7e's Stuff

Primary Weapon

This is my M4A1! Good for beginners because low recoil. Good range and damage but low mobility.


Muzzle: Fish Bone, Barrel: Reinforced Long, Utility Top: DBAL-A2 Laser, Utility Side: Surefire M952V, Utility Bottom: ProMag PM007, Optics: AimPoint Pro, Magazine: Armour Piercing Bullet, Body: M4A1 Standard Body.

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Combat Mastery

Gives me a total of two HE Grenades and two Flashbangs (sorry CS terms). -2 second defuse time. Sprinting reload + Fast reload. +30 Sprinting speed. +45 helmet protection. 3 extra bullets for mag. +30 explosion protection. +45% movement speed.

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