Playing A Match

When it comes to playing OR creating a match, there are some important things to know.


Game Modes

There are three types of gamemodes which disable / enable certain things that the players can use. There three categories are:


ESP, Classic and Psyonics.

ESP mode enables all weapons, ESP powers and Combat Mastery. This will disable Psyonics attacks, however. This is personally my favourite game-mode <3

Classic mode enables all weapons, but bans ESP powers, Combat Mastery and Psyonics attacks. This mode is good to use your raw FPS skills. Used in ESL.

Psyonics is the most crazy mode, with all weapons, ESP, Combat Mastery and Psyonics attacks. Expect this game mode to extremely fast paced.

Game Type

There are different game types for different game modes, but most of them are the same over different game modes

Team Death Match (TDM)

In a Team Death Match the goal is for your team's score to reach the goal. You can increase your team's score by killing an enemy player. If the battle does not end by 20 minutes, the team with the highest score wins.
Maps available: Rusty Cage, Snowy Coverup, Cornflakes, Under Siege, Shangri-La, Showdown, Relic Raider, United and Black Syndicate.

Free For All (FFA)

In A Free For All match the goal is for you to score as much points as possible in the score goal. You can increase your score by getting kills / assists. You get 40 points for a kill (whoever gets the killing blow) and 10 points for an assist. If the game does not end by 20 minutes, the player with the highest score wins.
Maps available: Snowy Coverup, Cornflakes, Savannah Flu, Sentry Petrol, Gray Gate, Desert Fire and Cargo Hound.

Domination (CP)

In a Domination match there are two teams, who have to capture different points across the map to increase their score. The team who reaches the goal first wins (or the team with the highest score after 20 minutes). To capture a point you have to stand close enough to change the point's 'owner'. The more people on the capture point the faster the point is captured.
Maps available: Snowy Coverup, Gray Gate, Cargo Hound.

Team Survivor (TSV)

In a Team Survivor match the aim is to eliminate the opposite team. Once your team has eliminated the other team your team will get a point. There is a 2 minute time limit for each round, and in the last 30 seconds of the round running speed will increase, and the remaining players in the round will have their positions displayed on the minimap. The average match has a 12 round win goal. Slow paced version of Team Death Match.
Ammunition, support weapons, health, armour and the map's defaults are restored (prop position, blood and bodies etc) at the start of each round.
Maps available: Rusty Cage, Snowy Coverup, Cornflakes, Under Siege, Showdown, Gray Gate, Relic Raider, Cargo Hound, The Duel, United, Black Syndicate.

Search And Destroy (S & D)

There are two teams (Alpha and Bravo) who either plant the bomb or defuse the bomb (similar to Counter Strike gameplay). In each round the aim of the 'terrorists' is to either eliminate the 'counter terrorists' or detonate the bomb. There are two bomb sites that the 'terrorists' can plant the bomb at (A and B), and the bomb will detonate 35 seconds after being planted.

The 'counter terrorists' must either eliminate the 'terrorist' team BEFORE they plant the bomb or defuse the bomb once it has been planted. The standard defuse time is 7 seconds, but this can be changed with Combat Mastery.
Every round each player only has one life, so they cannot respawn until next round. Ammunition, support weapons, health, armour and the map's defaults are restored (prop position, blood and bodies etc).
Very similar to Counter Strike's gameplay, except for detonation time and defusing time.
Maps available: Savannah Flu, Sentry Petrol, Desert Fire, Black Syndicate.

Duel Match (DM)

In a Duel Match you every round you will 1 v 1 a certain player. This depends on how many players there are. Every round you will 1 v 1 a player for 60 seconds, and the player who gets the most kills in the 60 seconds wins the match. A won round will give you * points per kill and * points for the round being won. You will fight all the players before versing the same player again.
In the first few seconds of the match the enemy's location shows up on the minimap. When you get killed you will respawn instantly.
If there is an odd amount of players in the game, an AI will take up the remaining spot.
Maps available: The Duel.

AI Team Death Match (AI-TDM)

Team Death Match except everyone fights against bots. Empty spots in your team are filled with AI players.
The bots are really retarded, so the game usually ends up as a spawn-camping game, where people are competing for the biggest kill streak. Gets boring.
HOWEVER! This game mode can be used to do your daily/weekly/monthly goals and also the Steam Achievements, sooooo if you really are a scrub you can use it for that. Good luck getting revenge kills though.

GUESS WHAT! Bots were improved in the 28/04/17 update! Their aim was improved quite significantly, so not as retarded as before but still killable. Can still be used for daily/weekly/monthly goals but if you suck… good luck.
Maps available: Rusty Cage, Under Siege.

Capture The Flag (CTF)

In a Capture the Flag match the aim is for a team to run to the other team's flag and bring the flag back to your team's flag zone. Unlike other games you can capture the flag when your flag isn't present in the zone.
When you kill the flag carrier they will drop it on the ground. You can return the flag to your zone by touching the flag. If you are trying to capture that flag, then pick it up and continue the marathon. If the flag is on the ground for 20 seconds, the flag will automatically be returned.
Note that quick respawn time is 4 seconds.
Maps available: Relic Raider, Cargo Hound.

ESL Search And Destroy

Very similar to Search and Destroy in Classic Mode. It has the criteria of an ESL game, so if you are practicing to be in ESL, do it.
Maps available: Savannah Flu, Sentry Petrol, Desert Fire, Black Syndicate.

Psyonic Defense Mode

Zombie apocalypse Game mode.
The aim of the game is to protect this satellite from all these zombies and other weird Psyonic creatures. There are 10 waves you have to defeat. Each waves get harder, with more zombies and additional Psyonic creatures. Between each wave you ammo and health is replenished. You cannot respawn after you have lost all of your lives. Extra lives are given every 2? rounds
There are multiple types of monsters:

  • The basic zombie: a melee attacker. It is quite fast and will go directly for any nearby players, but if there is no one nearby it will attack the satellite. They have the same amount of health as a player (100 HP).
  • Details not yet specified about other creatures


It is best to equip the Satellite Strike Psyonic power, as it is a guaranteed one-shot kill for zombies, and also has a really large attack radius. Equipping a Machine Gun is also a good idea, as you will be holding down your left click button for most of the game.


There is only one map for Psyonic Defense, which is Blood Wedge. In Blood Wedge there are multiple 'gateways' to the Satellite, making this an easy option for spreading out players. There are also 2 crates in the map, which are used to refill ammo.
Note that there is a box you can stand on where the normal zombies cannot hit you. This is a good position to be in if you have an assault rifle and do not have to focus on running away from zombies. Also a good position to use Psyonic Abilities.

Other Game Criteria

As room master you can change the settings of your room to whatever you want.
You can change the Title, Score Limit, Password (so only people who know the password can join the room), Mid Combat joining, Auto Balance, Enemy Outline, 3rd person spectating, Enemy spectating, Latency penalty and other specifications.

Joining mid combat is whether players can join the battle after the game has started. Even if this is turned on, players cannot join when the battle is about to end.
Auto Balance is whether team sizes are equal when the battle starts, and when people join the battle later on. Teams do mix themselves around when players leave the game, so when a team is absolutely destroying the other team and everyone rage leaves, the empty team automatically loses.

Enemy Outline is whether you can see the red outline that surrounds an enemy. Good for a more realistic gameplay.

Written by Ryani7e.

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