Is LOS Pay2Win?

The belief that Line of Sight is pay to win is held by many New Players in the game.

The short answer to this question is NO Line of sight is not pay to win, it is pay to unlock early. All premium weapons have the same stats as their counterpart gp weapons the only differences being the weapons skins and kills are highlighted in yellow on the kill list.

Check out our weapons page where you can clearly see that all premium weapons have exactly the same stats as their non premium counterparts.

Furthermore, you should consider that the game is kept running by the people who have donated money, in the form of premium currency purchases. Without them the game would cease to exist and you could not play for free.

I encourage all players to buy gems, the premium in game currency when you have a few spare dollars, to keep Line of Sight growing.

See you on the battlefield.

Written by HuntD

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