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Line of sight can be found on steam as a free download. The game has a basic tutorial and uses WASD for movement and the mouse for aiming. LOS has a few keys it uses for unique to game moves such as the use of Psyonics and Extra sensory perception. If you have played a FPS before you will have no problems getting the hang of the basics. Line of sight has the feel of counter strike, with elements of other well known shooters.




Weapons in line of sight can all be unlocked with in game currency and also have a level requirement. Be patient with the game and in a month or so or semi regular playing you will have unlocked all the weapons in the game and own at least one perm weapon. LOS offers free rotation weapons that change regularly and are great to give you a feel for all the different weapons in the game while also saving you the need to spend game credits, which I would suggest you save up for purchasing permanent weapons. There is a brief overview of weapon stats Here.

While there do not seem to be a huge number of weapons to choose from, don't let this fool you, each weapon can be customised with many mods that change their performance dramatically.


Premium currency, gems can be collected just by logging in each day, or can be purchased from the in game shop for cash. Gems are used to purchase cosmetic items, armour, and gamble on random boxes that give you a chance of different skins or rare weapons. Gems can also be used to unlock weapons before you have met the level requirements. Although the level requirements for most weapons are very low. With all weapons unlocked by level 23, you will have all weapons unlocked well before you have the money to buy a perm weapon in most cases.

In game credit can be gained by doing daily, weekly and monthly jobs. Finishing achievements will also award you credits and sometimes even gems. You also gain credits at the end of each match you play. So it is not difficult to get the credits rolling in. Here is a quick guide to the basics of in game currency.

Git Gud

Be aware that while equipment is important, LOS is a very balanced game equipment wise, so don't blame your equipment or lack thereof for your own in game failure's. Instead watch how you are killed by better players and learn their strategies.

You will die a lot the first few days of playing and being spawn camped as a new player is not fun, but to be expected. Complaining about camping will set you up for failure later on, instead take the opportunity to try out different tactics to push the enemy back from your spawn. Learning these tactics early on will pay big dividends in the long run as we all get spawn camped from time to time and most experienced players end up looking forward to spawn campers as an effortless way to rack up kills.

For the most part LOS players are a friendly bunch so ask questions of high level players, and when/if you manage to get some revenge on them grab their weapon and try it out.

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