What is Line Of Sight (LOS)


Line of Sight is an online multiplayer FPS game, with fast-paced gameplay and realistic graphics and physics.

The game is developed by BlackSpot Entertainment and was released on the 31st of January, 2017. It has Valve Anti-Cheat enabled on it, and also Steam Achievements and statistics from your game.

In the game you can either play competitively or casually. There are many ways you can customise your gameplay, with gamemodes like Team Death Match, Free for All, Search and Destroy. When creating a room you can choose the map, score limit, weapon types, and whether you can use PK powers/ESP or play Classic (without any powers).


^ Savannah Flu, a FFA and Search and Destroy map.

The weapon customisation system is very, well, customisable. There are many combinations of different 'modules' that you can mix and match to suit your game. You can buy silencers, scopes, weapon skins, laser pointers, grenade launchers, and change the barrel of your gun.


The buying system is similar of that to Contract Wars, where the player must either rent weapons for a certain amount of time or save up quite a lot of in-game money (GP) to buy a permanent weapon.

Other players like to take their chances and buy RandomBoxes with real money to unlock special (just aesthetically different) weapons and skins.

Players can also customise their character's looks and appearance with quite a lot of freedom. A player can change their character's hairstyle and colour, helmet, tattooes, armour, eye protection, mask, uniform colour etc.

In LOS there are abilities called ESP and PK.

ESP are non-damaging moves that will give the user the upper-hand in the situation. 'Blink' is an ESP that will teleport the player over a small distance to either gain advantage over the enemy or escape enemy fire. 'Decoy' is another ESP that sends a duplicate of the player forward to either confuse enemies or find enemies' position.


ESP will use up some of the player's HP and a player's Psychokinetic Energy. A player will generate this Psychokinetic Energy over time.

PK are very powerful attacks that will drain a lot of the player's HP and Psychokinetic Energy in order to summon the attack. 'Satellite Strike' is a PK attack that will summon a large object to strike a point that the player has chosen. This will kill any enemies near or in the explosion, making Satellite Strike very capable of killing multiple enemies at once.

According to Steam Reviews, barely more than half of the reviews are positive (56% positive, 44% negative). A lot of these reviews are from people who play less than 5 hours of the game or bought it during early access. After the recent updates there has been a lot of improvements with the weapon balancing and hitreg.

Still, the game is in its early years and still getting feedback from the community, so the game still has some things that need fixing, such as the flashlights that are as bright as the sun, getting stuck in maps and the anti-cheat system. A lot of people also complain about how slow you earn the in-game money (GP), and I would agree with them. Earning GP is slow but 'devoted' players will get a permanent weapon by around level 25-30.

Many retards think that it is Play 2 Win, go to Bunnings and buy a rope (inside joke). Weapons that are only purchasble with Crystals are the same as their GP counterpart. Every week there are two primary weapons on rotation that can be used by the players for free.

Otherwise, the game is very enjoyable and definitely is worth a try because it is FREE and its only 2.53 GB on your harddrive and also quite easy to run (see System Requirements). Unfortunately Line of Sight only be run on Windows (sorry OS X users). Gun customisation is very 'customisable' (there I go again with my 10/10 English) and is very unique to LOS.

While playing you might have some questions or help you might need. Just open up the chat and ask people (who speak you language) for some advice because the LOS players are relatively friendly (some salty exceptions). Try to play with some people that you commonly play with, especially if they are higher level than you are. If you do kill one of the higher level people, brag about it on chat and pick up their weapon and give it a go.

Overall, LOS is a good game :D just be patient, ask for help, expect to die and you will get better one day!

Written by Ryani7e.

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